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Sennheiser Alcatel EHS Setup (Cat #1783)

If you're looking for instructions for installing your Alcatel EHS with your Sennheiser wireless headset, then you are in the right place!

Sennheiser Alcatel Electronic Hookswitch EHS cord

1) Remove power/USB from the back of the headset base

2) Remove the phone line from the telephone (jack is labeled with a bell) and plug into the black box (female port) on the hookswitch

3) Plug the RJ11 sized plug of the hook switch into the Alcatel phone where the phone line was (labeled with a bell)

4. Plug the 3.5 mm jack of the hook switch into the headset jack on the Alcatel phone (with a headset symbol)

5. Plug the final connection of the hook switch into the headset base in the green Phone jack

6. Set compat to A and dipswitch #2 down (bottom right in back of cube)

7. Reconnect power back into the headset base

Sennheiser EHS for Alcatel phones diagram

Please note:

4038 and 4068 use Compat B

4028 use Compat A

Try Compat A and B on all other models.

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