Sennheiser Bluetooth headset disconnecting with dongle after firmware

First, we want to reset the headset:

For MB660 :

MB660 Reset:

1. Switch the Headset OFF. To do this, turn the earphones outward (so the headset is flat and can go back in its case) to turn if OFF. It will say “Power Off.”

2. Press the Sound Effect Mode button for 4 seconds. This is the bottom button on the right side of the headset. (the inside of the headband will have R for right and L for left)

Please note, after holding the button down for 4 seconds it will not give us any light or say anything. To see if the reset worked we can try pairing the headset to the phone again.


MB Pro1/2 Factory Reset:

*Please note this reset should be performed when the headset is NOT plugged into the charging cable or on the charging stand.*

1) Turn the headset off.

2) Press and hold the multi function button until the LED flashes RED & BLUE (ie: Pairing Mode) .

3) Simultaneously press and hold the multi function button and the audio button (volume control button-press the button to mute headset and hold) for five (5) seconds and the LED flashes PURPLE three (3) times then starts flashing RED & BLUE.

4) The headset has been reset.

A factory reset is good is if you get interference or even if you need to clear all paired devices.

For Sennheiser Presence UC (Discontinued)

Presence Factory Reset:

Turn the headset off by sliding the metal panel at the bottom of the headset closed.

1) Press and hold both volume buttons. These are the small black lines at the top of the headset.

2) While holding the volume buttons, slide the metal panel down to power the headset on.

3) The light on the headset will flash purple quickly three (3) times and then enter pairing mode (flashing red/blue).

The headset is now ready to pair to a Bluetooth device.

If none of the resets work:

1) Ask if they updated the dongle only or dongle and headset. If they did dongle only they need to do headset too.

2)If they did update the headset too, we can have them pair to a mobile phone or any device that will remove the dongle from the set up. This will let us know where the issue lies. Now test for a few hours.