Sennheiser Mobile EHS Setup (Cat #2161)*



Sennheiser Mobile EHS Setup (Cat #2161)

Compatible with most Samsung Cellphones & iPhones

1) Plug the RJ45 jack into the green PHONE port in the back of the cube

2) Plug the RJ9 end into the pink ACC port in the back of the cube

3) Plug the 3.5mm end into the headset jack of the phone (you can also plug this into the lightning adapter if you are using newer iPhones)

4) Set compat to A & move dipswtich #2 down (in bottom right of back of cube)

Product Support tested:

- iPhone 4 and Galaxy - did not remote answer

- iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 - remote answering worked

- iPhone 6 and 6s - remote answering worked

- iPhone 7 + headset jack adapter - remote answering worked!

- Windows phone - remote answering does not work

- iPhone voice command through Siri worked

NOTE: Some phones requires Bluetooth to be turned off for the EHS function to work

NOTE 2: Voice command with Sennheiser Electronic Hookswitch for Mobile Phone, may also depend on the phones Service Provider as well.

Note 3: Official iPhone adapters work MUCH better than the ones you can get on Amazon. If they are experiencing problems with remote answering or mic sound not going through headset, then that may be the cause. In fact, it is very likely to be the cause.