Sennheiser OfficeRunner Battery Reset*

E-mail ready to send instructions (copy/paste). Be sure to include Customers name.

OfficeRunner Battery Reset


“Hi (insert Customers name),

Below are instructions on how to reset the battery on your OfficeRunner.

Battery Reset:

  1. Remove the wearing apparatus from the microphone (earloop or headband). Hold the microphone vertically with the narrow end pointing towards the ground.
  2. Trace up from the speaker about 1 half an inch and you will see where the shiny black plastic meets the dull black plastic. Use your thumbnail to pry this seam apart and pull the dull black piece towards you. The battery door will open and hang down.
  3. The battery is connected by 3 wires. Disconnect the battery by pulling on the white plug to separate it from the base. (it is ok to grab the wires, as close as you can get to the white plug, and apply gentle pressure to disconnect)
  4. Allow the battery to sit outside of the headset for 30 seconds. Then reconnect the battery and let the headset charge uninterrupted for 1 hour.
  5. After the hour you should have all 4 battery lights at the bottom.




**If we are performing this battery reset with a Customer, do not forgot to set a PS callback for one hour!**

Customers can also view the battery reset video at