Sennheiser Polycom EHS Setup (Cat #1778)*

Sennheiser Polycom EHS Setup (Cat #1778)


1. Remove DCA/USB from the charging base

2. Plug the hook switch into the Headset jack and 5 pin jack on the back of the Polycom base

3. Connect the other end of the hook switch into the green Phone jack in the back of the cube

4. Set comapt to A and move dipswitch #1 down (bottom right of the back of the cube)

5. Reconnect the DCA/USB into the headset’s base.


Now lets check the settings in the Polycom Phone

Phone Settings:

1. Go to the Menu or Home Button

2. Settings

3. Basic

4. Preferences

5. Headset

6. Check Headset Memory Mode-- Should Be Disabled

7. Go back a step in menu and select Hookswitch Mode (Older phones may say Analog Mode)

8. Choose Sennheiser if using Sennheiser, older phones may not have a listing for Sennheiser. If it’s not there, choose Jabra.


Please note: Some people have reported that they needed to do the above, remove the hookswitch and reboot their phone and then put the cords back in.

To reboot a Polycom phone :

1. Go to the menu or home button

2. Settings

3. Basic

4. Reboot Phone



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