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Sennheiser Presence Factory Reset

Sennheiser makes some great Bluetooth headsets, including the Sennheiser Presence, but just like any electronic device it can get glitches and stop working correctly. Luckily we have a nice factory reset that will get you covered!

Sennehsier Presence Blutooth headset

Performing the Factory Reset

To reset the Presence headset back to factory settings please follow these steps:

• Turn the headset off by sliding the metal panel at the bottom of the headset closed

• Press and hold both volume buttons. These are the small black lines at the top of the headset

• While holding the volume buttons, slide the metal panel down to power the headset on

• The light on the headset will flash purple quickly three (3) times and then enter pairing mode (flashing red/blue)

• The headset is now ready to pair to a Bluetooth device

Is it time for a new headset?

Many Sennheiser Bluetooth Customer have switched to the Leitner OfficeAlly LH370

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