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Sennheiser Presence Usage

How do I use my Sennheiser Presence?

Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth on-the-ear Headset

Charge your headset!

1) Connect the USB charging cable into the car charger included in the box, into a computer via USB port, or into a wall charger with a USB outlet

*Computer and wall charger not included*

2) Charge 35mins for 5hrs of talk time / 1hr 20mins for 10hrs of talk time

How will I know it’s charged?

1) While connected to the charging cable, the lights will guide you!

  • 1x flashing red light – less than 1hr of talk time
  • 1x flashing blue light – 1-2hrs of talk time
  • 2x flashing blue light – 2-4hrs of talk time
  • 3x flashing blue light – 4-10hrs of talk time
  • Solid blue light – 100%

2) When wearing the headset, it will verbally tell you!

  • Click the power button on the headset and voila! A female voice will tell you! “Between 4 and 8 hours talk time” etc.

Pair your headset!

Sennheiser Presence user manual

Note: When putting headset in pairing mode, it cannot be plugged into its charger!

1) Activate the Bluetooth function on the phone and set the security to be visible to all available devices

2) Scan for available devices

3) Push and hold the button on the headset while sliding the microphone out (powering on the headset)

  • The headset will joyfully say “Pairing”

4) Select “Presence” on your phone

  • A friendly voice will say “Pairing successful”

Use your headset!

Sennheiser presence bluetooth headset button configuration

Power on by pulling the silver microphone away from the black body.

Accept a call by clicking the MFB (mulitfunction button)

End a call by clicking the MFB

Reject a call by holding the MFB for 1 second

*works for rejecting call waiting*

Redial by double clicking the MFB

Place call on hold by double clicking the MFB while on active call

Answer call waiting by double clicking the MFB while on active call

Mute by pressing both volume control buttons at the same time

Switch from Headset to Phone Hold MFB for 1 second until you hear a beep in your ear.

Change Volume Control Assignments

1) Hold both volume control buttons at the same time, for 2 seconds.

2) When successful it will beep twice and say “Swap volume keys”

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