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Sennheiser Shoretel EHS Setup (Cat #2142)

Here we will show you how to install the Sennheiser Shoretel EHS. It won't be too tough, especially if you follow along!

Sennheiser OfficeRunner wireless EHS for Shoretel phones

Please note: the EHS only provides ring detection. The remote answering capability is built into the phone.

1. Plug the green cord into the "phone" port and the pink cord into the "acc" port in the back of the cube

2. Plug the other end of the EHS into the headset jack of the phone

3. Plug the external microphone into the middle of the box on the EHS

4. Tape the other end to the top of the speaker of the phone

5. Set comapt to A and make sure dip switches 1 and 2 are up (bottom right corner in the back of the cube). The rest are optional depending on how they want to use their headset

Now lets check the phone settings:

1. Press options followed by your password

2. Auto off-hook should be set to "Headset"

3. Headset type should be set to "wireless"

4. Scroll down and make sure hands free mode is "enabled"

To change ringtone:

FYI: Ringtones #2 & #4 work best for ring detection

1. Press options followed by your password

2. Ringtone

3. The options should now be "standard" "ring 2" "ring 3 and "ring 4"

4. Press OK to change ringtone

Sennheiser Shoretel EHS setup instructions and diagram

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