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Sennheiser UI770 Amplifier Troubleshooting Steps

Sennheiser UI770 wired headset amplifier for phones

The Sennheiser Amplifier is a great little device for altering your microphone and speaker audio, but just like any other electronic device it can get glitches. Here are some tips to get it back up and running.

No Audio in the headset

- Verify set up

- Verify compatibility setting ( ‘A’ being most common)

- Make sure that the handset button is UP

- Make sure all cords are plugged in all the way

No Speaker or No Mic Audio

- Verify Set up

- Verify compatibility setting

- Make sure the speaker/mic volume is turned up

- Make sure all cords are plugged in all the way

- Try a different headset or qd cord

- Check to see if the handset has 2 way audio when plugged into the amp. If it does it is either the headset or quick disconnect cord.

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