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Sennheiser wireless beeps and tones*



(PS: These beeps also go for the DW Pro 1 & 2 and the DW Office ML!)


The OfficeRunner makes 2 kinds of noises: beeps and chimes.

  • A beep is a short high-pitched “Beep!” or lower-toned “Boop.”+
  • A chime sounds like synthetic bells.

You ONLY hear chimes when you are getting a call via ring detection! You need a lifter or an EHS cable to get chimes. No accessory? No chimes!

If the headset is chiming when no phone call is coming in, that’s a problem! 


  • Volume Up: Higher-toned short BEEP!
  • Volume Down: Lower-toned short Boop.
  • Mute On: Higher Beep followed by Lower Boop (BEE-boop.)
  • Mute Off: Lower Boop followed by Higher Beep (boo-BEEP!)
  • Headset is muted (older models): Constant low Boop. (Newer models do not feature this tone!)
  • Max Volume: Rapid double-BEEP!
  • Min Volume: Rapid double-Boop

**These sounds are exactly the same when the headset is OFF and you are turning up or down your notification sounds!**


When you leave the headset’s range, you will hear a descending sequence of beeps (going from higher tone to lower). You then have 60 seconds to get back in range of the headset before it disconnects.


When your battery is near death you will hear 3 rapid high beeps. You will keep hearing this to warn you of imminent headset death until the headset shuts itself off.


  • Turning Headset On: 1 high beep!
  • Turning Headset Off: 1 low boop.


When you connect headsets for training, the primary headset will hear a series of three lower tones. Once the primary headset wearer presses its button, the secondary headset will hear a high-pitched short beep!

Think It’s Time For A New Headset?

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