Sennheiser wireless setup with EHS40*




Yealink Model #s EHS 40 is compatible with: SIP VP59, T58A, T57W, T53W, T54W, T53, T48S, T46S, T42S, T41S

PLEASE NOTE #1: If an expansion module has been connected to the SIP- T58A, T57W, T54W, T53W, or T43 IP phone, you can connect the EHS40 to the expansion module

Sennheiser: Grab the adapter box, and the Sennheiser Y-cord (top of the y-cord has an RJ45 and RJ9 connection, the bottom of the y-cord has an RJ45 connection)

What is in the box: Yealink adapter box that has a USB cord coming out of it, 1 Sennhieser Y-cord, 1 Plantronics Y-cord, and 1 Jabra Y-cord.

Yealink adapter box with a USB connector cord

1) Connect the bottom of the y-cord into the green PHONE port in the back of the cube

2) Connect RJ45 and RJ9 end of the y-cord into the 2 available slots in the Yealink adapter box

3) Plug the USB cord coming out of the adapter box into the USB port in the phone

4) Move D/S #1 down (bottom right in back of cube) and ABC switch on A

connection between IP phone and Sennheiser Wireless Headset

Does not immediately give ring detection. To get it to work correctly, you will need to get to the web portal and do the following:

Please go to phone web portal > Features > Audio > Ringer Device for Headset, then choose Use Headset & Speaker. The below picture for your reference.

Yealink audio settings and instructions