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Sennheiser Yealink EHS 36 Setup*



Sennheiser Yealink EHS 36 Setup (Cat #2184)

What is in the box:

- Yealink adapter box,

- RJ12 Cord (short round cord)

- RJ45 cord (short flat cord)

- 3.5mm DC Jack Cord,

- RJ9 Curly Cord

- Y-shaped Sennheiser cord (The top of the Y has an RJ9 and and RJ45, bottom of the Y has an RJ45)

Items you need highlighted above

1) Connect the bottom of the y-cord into the green “phone” port in the cube

2) The top of the y-cord has 2 ends (The RJ45 is shorter than the RJ9 end). Connect the longer RJ9 cord into the headset jack of yealink phone and connect the RJ45 cord into the left hand side of the yealink box

3) Plug the RJ12 cord into the right hand side of the yealink box and the other end into the EXT or EHS port on the back of the yealink phone

4) Set compat to A and move dipswitch #1 down

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