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Setting up a Marathon as a Stand-Alone Phone

The Marathon is one of our few wireless headsets that can be used as a stand-alone telephone! To do this, you need the dial pad, as well! Here is the set-up for the Marathon when NO other telephone is in use!

AT&T Marathon wireless phone and headset

Setting up the Marathon

1) Remove the cover from the back of the Marathon base

2) Have the Customer find the POWER CABLE for Marathon and plug it into the back of the base where it says POWER (green dot jack)

3) Plug one side of the TEL WALL JACK cord into the TEL WALL JACK (red dot jack) in the back of the base. Plug the other side of the TEL WALL JACK cord directly into the telephone jack in the wall. *If connecting to a phone modem for a Customer with digital phone service, a DSL Filter may be necessary, this comes from the phone service provider!

4) MAKE SURE NO LIFTER MODE LIGHT IS ON. You change the lifter mode/no lifter mode by pressing the MODE button on the charging base (next to the Mic Volume buttons)!

5) A DIAL PAD is REQUIRED to make calls!! To pair the dial pad with the base, follow the instructions here!

That’s it! You’re done! The Dial Pad and headset will now function as wireless telephone system!

The Curly Cord Jack (light blue dot jack), Lifter Jack (dark blue dot jack), and Base Jack (orange dot jack) in the headset base will be empty. Set the orange Base Jack cord aside for later, just in case.

Please note: the Marathon has to charge for 6 hours before 1st use!

Time for a new headset?

Many AT&T Marathon Customers have switched to the Leitner LH270!

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