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Settings on the SDW 5016 headset base

Front of the base:

  • There are 5 icons located on the SDW5016 headset base.
  • You can touch these icons to move to a different device but you won’t feel a click since they are not buttons
  1. Mute - The icon all the way to the left with a picture of a radio microphone slashed out
  2. Computer icon - Computer mode
  3. Telephone icon - Telephone mode (for desk phones)
  4. Cellphone icon - Bluetooth mode (pair to cell phone, computer, tablet)
  5. + icon (the far right on base) - For EXTRA ACCESSORIES. Anything you plug into the USB port on the right side of the headset base will cause this button to flash indicating that is connecting. This spot is usually taken up by the USB dongle, but if you unplug that you can hook a Sennheiser USB headset into that port OR a USB speakerphone like the SP20.

Battery Lights:

  • Located above the 5 icons in the middle of the base
  • It will give you rapid running lights when it’s charging.
  • If you see 2 steady lights on the left and the 2 on the right are rapid lying flashing back and forth, that means you have a 50% charge and you are charging.

Above those battery lights is a large circle where your headset rests. It’s not a speaker, it’s just design. Then just above that is your charging cradle.

Back of the base:

Busy light (blue port) - SDW5000 busy light (we do not carry it and does not fit other Sennheiser headsets)

PC (orange port) - Connect to computer

DC (yellow port) - Connect to power (uses different power cord than other Sennheiser wireless units)

ACC (purple port) - Connect accessories like EHS or Handset lifter

Phone (green port) - Connect the desk phone

Handset (white-grey port) - Connect curly cord from handset (if we have a handset lifer)

Bottom of the base:

  • You’ve got a speaker under there! Because this bad boy has audible ringtones! (more on that later).
  • Mic volume: white 0-9 dial
  • Compat: ABC white switch
  • S1 dimple button - “Dimple reset” like the OfficeRunner
  • S2 dimple button - does nothing (Sennheiser has not specific job for it)
  • 8 DIP Switches - They do not mean the same as the OfficeRunner ones. For a break down of what they mean head to Article “SDW5016 Dipswitches
Sennheiser SDW 5016 headset and base
Sennheiser SDW 5016 bottom of base and settings

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