Shoretel/Mitel phones remote answering with Plantronics

Only the Plantronics CS series and the Savi SERIES are compatible with RD-1 POD.

NOTE: RD-1 Pod only provides ring alert, Shore Tel phone has a built in remote answer feature

The Shore Tel phone must be programmed by the user for auto answer feature. To program headset mode for hookswitch-like control with RD-1 POD, user guide states that "Automatic off-hook preference feature" must be changed to "wireless headset" or "headset".

To configure the Automatic Off-Hook Preference feature, follow the procedure below:

1) Press the Options button , followed by your password

2) REMEMBER TO enable handsfree mode in options, press done when finished.

3) Press 2 or scroll to the second option from the list 2. Auto Off-Hook.

4) With this option highlighted, press the Edit soft key.

5) Scroll to 3. WIRELESS HEADSET, and press the OK soft key

(phones with older version software will have a “headset lift” option)

6) Press the Done soft key