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Standard EPOS Connect settings for OfficeRunner and DW Pro1 and 2

Hey, remember those sweet screenshots from your training for Epos Connect that have the basic settings for the OfficeRunner in EPOS Connect? Well, here they are, now in HDSAnswers!

Photo 1 - OfficeRunner/DW Pro settings for a lifter or no remote answering.

EPOS Connect settings page DECT settings

Phtoto 2 - OfficeRunner/DW Pro settings for a hookswitch cable.

EPOS Connect Settings page scrolled down

If these aren’t large enough images, you can also view them in full size in the shared Employees folder under Product Support--->EPOS Connect Basic Settings. Thanks!

For basic settings for the SDW 5016 headset in EPOS Connect, check out this article!

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