Have you ever been working with a difficult computer case that has left you wondering: Is it the headset that has the problem or is it the computer program?

Well, here’s a way to make a test recording in the Customer’s computer to see if it’s the softphone or voice dictation program not picking up the microphone or if the headset is not sending any microphone s to the computer at all.


-In the search bar of Windows Sound Recorder (Windows 7) or Voice Recorder (Windows 10)


-Have the Customer open up Quicktime.

-Under file select “New Audio Recording”

-It may ask you to select your microphone. If it does, choose the headset.


Once you pull up Sound Recorder OR Quicktime, this will pull up a little built-in recorder that your Customer can use to make a quick recording of their voice. They can then play it back to make sure their computer is picking up their headset’s microphone.

If it works, then the problem is somewhere in the settings of the softphone or voice dictation program. If it doesn’t, then the computer isn’t hearing the microphone at all and we need to check the computer settings again!

Happy Troubleshooting Everyone!

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