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The Sennheiser D10 Headsets are Awesome, Yes or Yes?*


Are the Sennheiser D 10 Headsets Awesome?

D10 Telephone, USB and USB ML Now Discontinued!

Short answer: YES!

Longer answer... let’s discuss them!

For both versions of this headset (telephone and USB) there is a really easy set-up, if you know how to hook up an OfficeRunner, then you know how to hook up a D10!

The base arrives in 2 pieces, which can be easily snapped together (see Photo 2 at the bottom)!

The base for the Telephone version of the headset uses a power cord and an RJ45 to RJ9 cord just like the OfficeRunner. It also has a space for a curly cord to plug in, and a space for a lifter or hookswitch!

The base for the USB version has a space for a micro USB to USB cable and a power cord.

Both versions of the headset have the same dipswitches and compat in the back as an OfficeRunner! Mic Volume is also the same :)

Unlike the OfficeRunner or DW Series, it does NOT connect to both a Computer or Telephone at the same time. This series is phone-only, or USB-only. If you would like to do both, you would want an OfficeRunner!

For those with Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business, there is an ML version of the USB D10 headset. Woohoo!

For more information on the D10 Series of headsets, check out this article!

For even MORE information! Dig this craaaazy product manual:

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