There's no Green Light on my CS50/55 Headset, can I do a Battery Reset

You’ll want to perform a Battery Reset:

The battery reset is as simple as unplugging the headset’s battery and then plugging it back in.

1. Remove the headband or ear loop from the headset.

2. If you look at the inside portion of the headset then you will see a compartment door. On both sides of that door there are some ridges. Squeeze in on those ridges and pull out to open up that door. (if the Customer is having a hard time with this door, tell them to push on both sides and continue pushing in as they’re pulling up on both sides)

3. Slide the battery out of the headset and disconnect it at the white clip (be careful not to pull too hard on the wires).

4. Wait for 5 seconds and then plug the battery back in.

5. Put the battery door back on.