Tips and Tricks for using HDSAnswers

Below are some tips and tricks to make your HDS Answer experience as easy as possible. Keep checking back as we add more!

-If you search for something and it doesn’t come up, try broadening your search. I.e. instead of “officerunner defaults to computer mode” it could be simplified to “officerunner computer”, which would bring up a bit more information but would bring up the entry “OR Stuck in Computer Mode”. Cast your net wide to get more results.

-Searching for “beeps”, “chimes”, or “noise” probably won’t give you much. Try looking for “tones”, most of our headsets (particularly wireless ones) have a compiled list of tones the headset will make, including how many beeps and why.

-Change your terms. Instead of “gn9125” try “9125”. Sometimes when you group things together, if the term is not included in the entry it won’t show up. In this instance, both of those terms will work but it helps if you simplify what you’re searching for.