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TL7601 (DialPad) Display Screen Messages


DIAL PAD - The remote is in idle mode

PHONE - The remote is in use.

ENDED - You have just ended a call

INCOMING CALL - There is a call coming in

CONNECTING.... - The remote is registering to the headset base or it has lost communication with the base

LINE IN USE - An Extension phone or one of the headsets is in use.

PLACE IN BASE - The Battery is very low and requires time to charge

CHARGING - Remote is in base and charging.

UNABLE TO CALL: TRY AGAIN - The call attempt has failed.

NOT REGISTERED: - The remote has not been paired the the headset base

NO LINE: - The remote is not paired and will not pair until the mic has been registered and reregistered.

HANDSET 1 or HANDSET 2- This means the dial pad is trying to get into conference mode. If there are 2 headsets conferenced to the same base, the one that is the Primary headset is Headset 1 and will work with the dial pad that says this. This secondary headst will the Headset 2 and will work with the dial pad that says that. If the dial pad says either HANDSET 1 or HANDSET 2 and there is only ONE headset registered to the base, then this is a factory error! Please see this article!