Toshiba Phones - Headset Jack*

Toshiba phones with HHEU headset jacks can be tricky. For the most part Plantronics headsets are the best bet.

An M22 and an H series headset can answer and end calls using the headset button on the M22.

For CS50 Series wireless Plantronics headsets, set compat on 1, mic volume may need to be set on D.

In some cases, you will have audio at the same time in both the headset and handset.

If you hang up the handset the call disconnects. There also may be audio through both the headset and the speaker phone. Maxing out the headset mic volume fixes the audio.

Sennheiser or AT&T headsets have compat problems in the HHEU headset jack.

Recommend Sennheiser and AT&T units with a lifter, or recommend Plantronics.

Toshiba phones with the BHEU type headset jack are compatible with Sennheiser,

OfficeRunner remote answering without a lifter does work with the BHEU type headset jack.

(Ring detection only works with Sennheiser Electronic Hookswitch for Shoretel Phones and BHEU headset jack, or an ORL12)

OfficeRunner on A & Dip Switch #1 down

If you are not using a hookswitch, you can activate the remote answer feature in the phone when it is plugged into the headset jack as long as the first dipswitch is up. This was tested with the Toshiba dp5022sd phone. Please note not all phones have remote answering.