Troubleshooting check off list

TS Break Down

No microphone audio

1) Check basic set up

2) Push all the cords in

3) Ensure headset is not muted

4) Dipswitch reset

5) Try Breath test

6) Grab a different microphone (if the 2nd mic works replace the original)

7) If it does not fix the issue then its a problem with the base or the connector cord

8) If they have a lifter try picking up handset and see if there is audio both ways - if there is the base is the issue.

9) If the handset does not give us 2 way audio then try a new connector cord.

10) Then We will then know where the issue lies

No speaker audio

1) Check basics

2) Push all cords in

3) Turn up the volume on the headset (are we hearing the beeps? If not, speaker is blown out) To be sure we can always grab a different microphone

4) If we do hear beeps but still not audio DOUBLE check the set up and use 5-12 year old language

5) Try a reset

6) Turn up the volume on the phone

7) Grab a new connector cord (Still no audio - Base is the issue)

8) If we do get audio replace connector cord

Bluetooth Issues

1) If its battery related do a battery reset (MBPRO1 & PRO2 only)

2) Factory reset (all bluetooth have resets)

3) Click on “forget device” in phone, ipad or whatever we are using

4) Turn off bluetooth and turn back on

5) Repair device & test

EHS Not giving remote answering or ring detection for EHS w/audio included

1) Check basic set up

2) Push all the cords in

3) EHS Reset / Reset or Resync

*4) For Polycom check phone settings (reboot phone as well), for Cisco check phone settings on 7900 series

5) Still nada - Grab a different EHS (if that work replace ehs)

** 6) Ask if headset gets audio when we hit the headset button on the phone. (If we do replace ehs) (if we don’t grab a regular cc). Also make sure the headset is even turning on.

7) Place test call and see if there is 1 way audio or no audio.

8) Go to appropriate ts steps.

No Battery Lights on Leitner Wireless:

1) Unplugged reset (Please verify battery is in the correct way, don’t assume)