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Troubleshooting EPOS Connect

We have all ran into an issue or two with EPOS Connect. It could be that the mic is not showing up, or the “update” button is un-clickable.

Here are a few things to try:

- Move USB cord into a different port

- Do a DS Reset

- Close the program & unplug the USB for 10 seconds then try re-opening

- Click on “options” then “check for updates”

- Reboot computer

- Try a different computer it this one wont let us update

What we need to collect when e-mailing Sennheiser

- Gather HSUP logs (how to in this article)

- Ask Customer what softphone & version # they are using (does not matter if its through a browser)

- Have the Customer take a screenshot of what they are seeing

- Gather as much information as we can from Customer (screenshots, version numbers, etc)

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