Viewing the dashboard (sales, primary %, etc...) when not in the offic

Viewing the Dashboard in Filemaker

When in the office, we get this big board where we can see how we are doing for the day. Now that most of us can’t see it, some may miss the bright colors and, of course, the crucial info. We can re-create that in your own home!

We all know, that in the home screen of Filemaker you can view the basic spec of the day. It does, however, leave out a lot of pretty colors, so let’s bring back the old one!

1) Look to the bottom of the home page and move that slider all the way to the right

2) This should reveal the right side of Filemaker we never see. On the top of the page click on the icon labeled “Dashboard”

3) And voila! You can now see the full dashboard! Please close it when you are done viewing, for it slows Filemaker down if you leave it up all day.

On a side note, if you are disappointed you aren’t on the board, you can see yourself by pressing Shift + F3, and that will make all the fonts and pictures smaller, revealing more of the board!

Have fun!