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Wall Jack/Modern/Single-line Phone Installation for Digital Logger

(Digital Call Logger Discontinued!)


(both options are in HDS answers in case you need to try another configuration)

This set up is useful with a Magic Jack or Vonage set up.

When installing the recorder on a one line phone you should go directly through the phone line that runs from the wall to the phone. To do this:

1. Plug the RJ11 splitter (has larger jacks than the other - RJ9 - splitter) into the back of the phone. You'll need to unplug the phone line in order to do this. (If you have digital lines, you'll want to position the logger between your telephone's handset and the base.)

2. Plug the phone line from the wall or router into one jack on the splitter. It will need to go into the phone line jack on the router.

3. Plug one of the included phone cords (only one will fit) into the other jack. (picture in manual shows a short cord, but it’s actually longer like the picture to the right)

4. Plug the other end of the phone cord into the phone jack on the Personal Call Recorder.

5. Plug one end of the PC connector cord into round jack on the Personal Call Recorder.

6. Plug the other end of the PC connector cord into the microphone jack built into the sound card on the back of the computer (sometimes there are two jacks on the sound card that appear to be mic jacks. Only one of these is going to work).

7. Install the software. The CD does not automatically run the installation, so you will need to go into Windows and click: START > RUN > BROWSE and find the EXE installation file on the CD. Run that file and installation is complete.

8. Once the software is installed and enabled, take your handset off the hook and adjust the sensitivity of the logger. One small problem, I suppose, would be that the slide for this setting is counterintuitive—moving the bar to the left, not the right, increases sensitivity. You can also adjust the amount of dead air you want the logger to recognize (assuming you are using the voice-activated, or VOX, feature) before closing a file. Overall, total setup took me about 5 minutes.


In order to record conversations, just make sure the software is open, and recording is set to VOX. In this state, all activity will be recorded automatically. If your recording needs are not so comprehensive, you can set the recorder to manual operation.

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