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What are Disco Lights? What do I do with them?*



What the Product Support Team is calling “Disco Lights” is the phenomenon where a headset has normal battery lights and a blue charging light when it’s sitting on the base... then moments after you take it off the base, all the lights turn off except for a red diamond in the center of the base.

Sometimes the lights will keep clicking off and on, but the headset never stays connected long enough to function properly.

What causes this?

Usually it’s when the headset is not on the same firmware as the charging base. Whoops. We see this happening most often with replacement mics. Sometimes it’ll happen when someone in the office has swapped out headsets with someone else, as well.

What do we do when this happens?!

1) Check to make sure you have a USB cord. You will need the Sennheiser USB cord to do the firmware update. If you don’t have one, we can send one to you with 2-day shipping and set up a callback for them with Product Support.

2) If you do have their USB cable, get over to Product Support (800) 923-0018. The PS Team will run through a firmware update with you and see if that solves the issue (it usually does).

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