What are the Buttons and Lights on the Marathon Lifter?


This is the new version of the AT&T Handset Lifter for the Marathon system. It’s slightly different from the TL7000 so check it out!

The connector cord (Base Adapter) is separate with this lifter, so you will need to attach this adapter to connect to the Marathon.

There are a number of labeled knobs/switches/lights on the lifter. Here is an explanation of each of them:

Ring On/Off: This will turn the ring detection on and off.

Ring Detect: This port will only have a cord connected if they need to use the external ring detection. There is an internal RD, if the lifter sits over the phone’s speaker.

Adjust Lifter: Adjusts the lifter arm height.

Sensor Adj: Twist in different directions to increase or decrease the sensor recognition.

Status: Solid Red - when the ring detector is off.

Flashes Red - when the ring detector is off and the headset is in use.

Solid Blue - when the ring detector is on and the headset is not in use.

Flashes Blue 4x every three seconds - incoming call.

Flashes Blue slowly - hds is in use.

Switch Hook Presser Position (knob at the top of lifter) - adjusts the placement of the plunger that hangs up the call.

What’s in the box: One Handset Lifter, One External Ring Detector, One Base Adapter