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What are the Buttons on the DW Pro2?*



Powers the headset on/off

Located just above where the microphone meets the earpad. Will be marked with a raised dot so you can feel it with your finger

Will answer/end the call with the addition of a handset lifter/EHS or with softphone systems that are HID(Human Interface Device) compliant.


Will adjust the volume up/down and mute the headset.

Located below the earpad where the microphone is.

-Press in to mute

-With mic boom on right: flip the notch backwards to lower volume, forwards to raise volume.

-With mic boom on left: flip the notch forwards to lower volume, backwards to raise volume.

To change which direction the audio button flips to raise the volume:

-Press + Hold the Link Button and the Audio Button until the headset begins flashing red/blue.

-While the headset is flashing, hold the Audio Button in the direction you want to be for increasing volume. After a few seconds, the red and blue light will shut off. You can then power the headset back on like normal.

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