What are the DA40, DA55, DA70, DA70, DA80 (ALL DISCONTINUED)

With the DA Series adapters, you can use your existing Plantronics "H" Series headsets as USB headsets that work with PC based VoIP Softphones. These can products from telephony manufacturers such as Siemens, Tenovis, Nortel or Avaya. They will also work with applications such as Skype.


The DA40 includes a USB-to-headset quick disconnect adapter with crisp, clear sound. Bring the audio quality and the comfort of H-Series headsets to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softphones. This is now DISCONTINUED! Suggest the DA70 instead!


The DA50 USB-to quick disconnect -headset adapter featuring Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

for digitally improved sound.


The DA60 offers all the same features as the DA55, plus an in-line mute switch and PerSono Call 2.0 software for great control of voice and audio quality.


The DA70 offers all the same features as the DA60, but does not feature in-line mute and volume controls.

If a Customer needs in-line mute and call control with their headset adaptor, they will want a DA80. These are not currently available, but may be able to be special ordered.