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What are the Differences Between the Plantronics P10 and the Two-prong Adapter (TPA)?

While similar, there are some key differences between these 2 devices. No need to guess, though, because we have the information you need here!

Plantronics P10 Plug Prong Adapter

Plantronics P10 Two-prong Amplifier

The P10 is a headset amplifier that plugs into operator consoles, PBXs, and most carbon ACDs. The P10 connects to H series headsets via a built-in, non-detachable 10’ QD connection. The only control on the P10 is a volume dial for incoming volume. There is no compatibility selector, nor is there a mute switch, although an external mute switch can be purchased.

Note: The P10 uses H-series headsets only.

Spares and accessories:

• 27019-03 – Y-cord Training Adapter - in Filemaker: PTR/Y-CORD - Catalog #1232

• 27708-01 – In-line Mute Switch - in Filemaker: PTR/MUTESWITCH/SUPRA - Catalog #1640

• 40703-01 – 10’Extension Cord - in Filemaker: PTR/EXT - Catalog #1233

Part numbers for P10 family:

• P10: 29362-01 - in Filemaker: PTR/P10 - Catalog #1204

• P10/M2250: Modified version of P10 for Nortel M2250/M1250 Console – 60288-01 - in Filemaker: PTR/P10/2250 - Catalog #1368

• P10C: Modified version of P10 for low compression – 29362-11

• P10H: Modified version of P10 for high TX – 29362-02 - in Filemaker: PTR/P10H - Catalog #9216

• P05: Modified for carbon plug two-prong phones – 29362-04

Date code on P10:

• On the model sticker on the bottom of the P10 – e.g. Mar. 06 P-E1, manufacture date is 03/06.

Common phones that use the P10:

• Avaya CallMaster, Callmaster II, Callmaster III, Callmaster IV (not CallMaster V + VI), NEC console phones, NEC phone models beginning with HA, Nortel ACD phones

• Remember, many of these phones don’t have a handheld receiver

Plantronics Two-Prong adapter

Plantornics two-prong adapter

The Two-prong adapter allows headset systems (headsets and amplifiers) to interact with ACD console phones and operator consoles. It is only an adapter, and has no controls (no volume, mute, compatibility, etc). It requires an amplifier to make a corded or wireless headset work with two-prong console phones. The adapter is not proprietary, so it will adapt any headset system to the console phone.

Phones that will accept the P10 will accept the Two-Prong Adapter with an amplified system. If a phone requires a specialized version of the P10 (P10H, P10/M2250, etc.) the Two-prong adapter will not work. Also, remember that most phones with a two-prong connection do not have a handset, so no lifters will be compatible.

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