What are the Different Setups for the Plantronics AWH-55 on Different Phone Models?

Avaya AWH-55

The Avaya AWH-55 is a wireless system that allows users with specific Avaya phone models to answer calls remotely without a handset lifter. Both the Avaya phone and AWH-55 have an extra jack labeled “EU24.” An RJ11 “hook switch” cord (included with the headset) links the jacks together. As with a CS series headset and handset lifter, the AWH-55 beeps when there is an incoming call, and the silver call control button sends the call into the headset.

Note: The Avaya setups below for the AWH-55 include the specific phone models that require a particular setup. However, the AWH-55 will work with Avaya phones not listed below, but you’ll need a handset lifter to answer and end calls remotely.

AWH-55 Replacement Parts

The AWH-55 is similar to the CS50, and uses the same replacement battery (P/N 64399-01) and microphone (P/N 64402-01). The resync, resub, and new microphone resync procedures are also the same.

Note: The RJ11 “hook switch” cord is not available as a separate part. If the cord is defective and the unit is still under warranty, replace the entire thing.

AWH-55 Setup

Setup #1 (see diagram in attachment):

The AWH-55 will plug into both the headset port and the EU24 port. This set up allows for remote answering and electronic ring detection.

Avaya Setup #1 for the following models:

2420, 4610SW, 4620, 4620SW, 4621SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630SW, 5420, 5610 and 5620

Setup #2 (see diagram in attachment):

The AWH-55 will plugs into the headset port for remote answering. The external Ring Detector cord will plug into the EU24 port on the AWH-55 for external ring detection and will attach onto the speaker of the phone.

Avaya Setup #2 for the following models:

2410, 5410, 6416 D+M and 6424 D+M