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What are the Different Versions of PersonoCall Software? Which Softphones are Compatible with PersonoCall?*

PersonoCall software adds the ring detection and answer / end functions when using computer headsets with softphones. The Consumer and Enterprise editions are essentially the same, the only difference is the list of compatible soft phones and release notes with each. The Consumer edition is geared towards Skype users, and the Enterprise edition is geared towards softphone users.

PersonoCall Enterprise

• Provides integration between enterprise class softphones and CS50-USB and 510-USB headsets

• Enables remote call detection and call answer / end via headset

PersonoCall Consumer edition

• Provides integration between the Audio 910 and Skype for remote call detection and call answer / end via the headset

PersonoCall 2.0

• Provides call center agents using DA60 adapters with control of voice and audio quality

To install:

• Go to

• Click the “Support” link in orange at the left of the web page

• The support menu is in the center of the page – click software downloads

• Click the appropriate version of the software (selections shown to the right) and follow the prompts

Common compatible softphones:

• Avaya IP Softphone v.4.0 and higher

• Cisco IP Communicator II v. and higher

• Cisco IP Softphone v1.3 and higher

• Cisco Jabber

• Nortel T-Metrics Phone Groups IP Console v.6.427 and higher

• Comdial EP 200 v.2.0 and higher

• Inter-tel 8601 IP Softphone v.1.0 and higher

• Skype v.1.0 and higher

• CounterPath eyeBeam SIP Softphone v.1.1 and higher

• NEC WebDial v. and higher

There are many other softphones that are compatible with PersonoCall. For more info, please refer to the Plantronics knowledge base.

Headset status indicator:

PersonoCall also adds a headset status indicator to the lower right-hand corner that will show you the current status of your headset. When the headset is not connected, you’ll see the headset with the red-circled “x” in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

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