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What are the features for the AT&T Marathon's Dial Pad?*

The AT&T Mararthon Dial Pad (7601) has many basic features that will make taking calls at your office easier.

AT&T Marathon wireless DECT headset and base

Loop: You can string a neck or wrist cord (not provided) through this loop.

Lang/ Sel:

  • Press to review and change language options
  • Press again to save the setting
  • While reviewing redial memory, press to select a phone number

CHARGE light: On when the remote dial pad is charging

CALL/FLASH: Press to make or answer a call. During a call, press to receive call waiting

Delete: While reviewing the redial memory, press to delete an individual entry, or press to clear the redial history

Up/Down: When you are not using the dial pad, press to view the redial memory. Then press or to scroll through the redial memory. While in the LANG feature, press to display the language options. While entering digits, press and hold PAUSE to insert a dialing pause

OFF/CLEAR: During a call, press to hang up. While in menus, press to cancel the operation and exit the menu display. While pre-dialing, press to delete digits

After installing the battery, place the remote dial pad in the charger. For optimal performance, charge the remote dial pad battery for at least six hours before use.

1. When the battery is charging, you will see the cycling battery icon. When the battery is fully charged, you will see a full battery icon (see photo below).

2. If the display on the remote dial pad is blank, try unplugging the power adapter, and firmly plugging it in again

Time for a new headset?

Many AT&T Marathon users have switched to the Leitner LH270!

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