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What are the Resync & Resubscription Steps for the SupraPlus Wireless Headsets?


Plantronics SupraPlus Wireless headsets (CS351, 351N, 361, 361N) all use the same troubleshooting techniques. If you experience volume distortion, feedback, one-way sound, or no sound make sure the cords are connected correctly, and that the compatibility dial is set to “1.” Next, adjust the listening and microphone volumes on the headset, charging base, and telephone. If issues persist, try the following resets:


1) While the headset is out of the charging base, push and hold the volume up and down buttons on the back of the base until the red power light on the front starts to flash.

2) Place the headset on the charging base and immediately press either the plus or minus button on the headset. The small green light (talk indicator light) in between the buttons will become solid. Hold until the green light goes out.


1) While the headset is on the charging stand, simultaneously press the call control button and both the (+) and (-) volume buttons for 5 seconds, until the talk indicator light on the headset blinks green. Release all the buttons.

2) Take the headset off the charging stand and press the call control button for 5 seconds.

3) Place the headset back into the charging base and unplug the AC Adapter for 5 seconds.

4) Reconnect.

Battery Reset Description:

If you still experience issues after the Resubscription / Resync, try a Battery Reset (pictured at right):

Step 1. Use your fingernail to lift off and flip open the battery door.

Step 2. Next, use the tool provided, your fingers or a plastic paper clip to lift the battery out, pulling gently on the red

and black wires until the battery moves out from behind the post.

Step 3. Pull apart the battery connector. Leave the battery unplugged for 10 seconds, then reconnect.

Step 4. Using the “Y” end of the tool, your finger or the plastic paper clip, push the battery backwards and away from the door until the left corner of the battery tucks under the post in the compartment. Tuck all of the battery wires and connectors into the compartment and close the door.

After the Battery Reset perform the Resubscription / Resync one more time.

SupraPlus Wireless Spare Parts:

The CS351, 351N, 361, and 361N use the same parts including the charging base, making the headsets interchangeable.

Main Accessories:

Battery with Tool - P/N 64399-03 (Discontinued) - Use the CS50/CS55 battery Catalog #9111(Discontinued)

Supra Plus Voice Tube - P/N 29960-01 - Catalog #9058

Super Soft Cushion - P/N 61871-01 - PTR/FOAM/SUPERSOFT (No Catalog #)

Leatherette Cushion - P/N 71782-0 - Catalog #1462