Headset Answers > What are Voice Prompts in the SDW 5016?*

Don’t get too excited, kids, “voice prompts” don’t mean you can control the headset with voice commands.

It simply means the robot lady that says “Volume Max” “Mute On” and “Recharge Headset” and a host of other helpful instructions.

To turn OFF voice prompt:

- Set it to OFF in Headsetup Pro under “Voice Prompts”

- Or press and hold the ON/OFF button on the headset for 3 seconds until we hear “Voice off”

- Put D/S # 2 down underneath the headset base

PS: If you are using the SDW 5016 on Bluetooth mode and your cell phone has voice prompts (like Siri or Ok Google) then you can definitely still use those. But the headset doesn’t come with any fancy extra voice commands. Sorry friends!