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What Causes Static and How Can I Reduce it?*

Check all areas where the cables enter the headset, Quick Disconnect and amplifier to see if they are frayed or loose.

The static may be due to electrical shorts at these connections.

If you find something frayed or loose, you should replace your headset.

ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) can also cause static and popping in the Desk top Telephone headset.

ESD is generally caused by static electricity in the environment and is more prevalent at certain times of the year and in certain areas of the country. High static levels are more prevalent when the air is very dry. Computer monitors also develop electrical charges, as do many other electronic products.

Finally, carpets and upholstery may often generate static electricity. You can address static due to dryness in the air by operating a humidifier and static from computer monitors by installing a screen on the monitor.

Static from carpets and upholstery can be reduced through the use of anti-static sprays.

The best way to prevent ESD when using a desk top telephone headset, is to "ground" yourself through the use of a grounded wrist strap.

Plantronics headsets are designed with anti-static plastics to be resilient to ESD. However, if you are in a high static environment, or a very high electrical surge comes through the telephone, even our protection against electrostatic discharge can be overwhelmed and you may receive a shock. An ESD charge should not affect the operation of the headset or amplifier.

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