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What comes with the CS50/55? Which Accessories are not Included?


Small, Medium, and Large Earloops

• Three sizes of earloops guarantee a snug, comfortable fit.

• Included w/CS55/CS50

• Product Code: PTR/CS50/EARLOOPS - $4.95 / $7.95 (CAD)

CS50 comfortable earloop

• This extra-comfortable earloop is malleable for a more customizable fit.

• Included w/CS55/CS50

• Product Code: PTR/CS50/COMFORTABLE - $2.00 / $2.95 (CAD)

Accessories for earloops

Plantronics Headset Cushion Earloop

• This foam piece slides over the back of the earloop to provide a softer surface against the back of the ear.

• Not included w/CS55/CS50

• Product Code: PTR/FOAM/CS50/EARLOOP - $4.95 / $7.95 (CAD)

Earmuff for Plantronics CS55 & 50

• This slides over the ring of the ear-loop before snapping the headset into the ring, providing a softer surface

against your ear-fold.

• Included w/CS55/CS50

• Product Code: PTR/CS50/EARMUFF - $4.95 / $7.95 (CAD)



• This adjustable headband is outfitted with a leatherette ear cushion for maximum comfort.

• Included w/CS55/CS50

• Product Code: PTR/CS50/UNI - $19.95 / $31.95 (CAD)


• This adjustable headband does not work with an ear cushion, but allows the headset to sit directly on the ear-

fold for a louder, more present sound.

• Included w/CS55/CS50


Accessories for headbands

Leatherette ear cushions for CS55 & 50 uniband

• Spare leatherette ear cushions for maximum, foam-free ear comfort.

• Not included w/CS55/CS50)


Foam Ear Cushions for Duoset, CT12, S12, and T10 headsets (DISCONTINUED!)

• If you prefer foam, slip this foam ear cushion over the leatherette cushion for comfort on your ear.

• Included w/CS55/CS50

• Product Code: PTR/FOAM/DUOSET - $4.95 / $7.95 (CAD)


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