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Jabra GN1000 Lifter Buttons

Jabra handset lifter ring detection knob and lifter height switch

Disclaimer: We do not sell this headset accessory, thus we do not have much information on it aside from what is already in this article.

1) This button can MUTE the Jabra ring detection. That’s right, turn it completely on/off. Just grab a pen and press it down firmly once. It will either mute it or unmute it. So, if you aren't hearing ring detection, check this feature first

2) This slide positions the lifter’s microphone for best sound quality. Moving it can make the lifter more or less sensitive, too, if it’s chiming too much or not enough

3) This is an extender arm for weird-shaped phones that need it. Simply pull it out to get more length out of your lifter. There is also a + / - switch there that adjusts your lifter height. + makes your lifter rise higher when activated, - lowers it

4) This knob is for lifter ring detect sensitivity. If you need your lifter mic to be more sensitive, turn it toward the arrow. If your lifter chimes too easily, turn it down (away from the arrow)

5) This is the light that indicates when the lifter is in use (solid) and when a call is coming in (flashing). If they turn off ring detect, this will still flash. It’s a pretty standard feature of all lifters

FUN FACT: This lifter works on Leitner wireless headsets, too! We wouldn't want to sell this instead of a Leitner lifter, but if you already have a Jabra lifter and wants a Leitner, then you already have a compatible accessory.

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