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What do the Lights or Buttons Mean on the S12? Where is the Compatibility Switch? (DISCONTINUED)


The three lights on the S12 base are from L to R are:

Headset indicator light - if it’s on, the headset is on

Power indicator light - if it’s on, the S12 has power

Mute indicator light - if it’s on, the user is muted

Buttons and dials:

On the front of the S12 base

- The button on the left is the headset button - use this to access the call in the headset

- The dial in the center is the incoming volume control

- The button on the right is the mute button - use this to mute the user

On the left of the S12 base

- This is the Compatibility Dial (1 or 4 are usually the best settings)

Here is a loose guide to compat:

1- most phones

2- Definity phones

3- Merlin Phones

4- GE 2-9450 phones/Cisco 7900

5- Siemens phones

6- NW Bell phones

On the right side of the S12 base

- The dial will fine-tune the outgoing volume

- The two dots are the master outgoing volume selectors - the small one is quieter, the large one is louder

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