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What is a CRM

What is CRM?

The definition of CRM is Customer Relationship Management.

In a nutshell, a CRM is a dashboard style computer program that lets you store and manage prospect and Customer information, like contact info, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities, in one central location.

As a result, CRM can help you:

• Increase leads

• Close more deals, faster

• Drive Customer loyalty and satisfaction

One of the most famous examples of CRM would be Salesforce. They built a really fancy CRM system that hundreds of thousands of companies around the world use! Our CRM is FileMaker. ♥ It is an O.G. CRM

How does this relate to us?

Excellent question! CRMs have gotten so fancy that they now sometimes include softphones!

This is where our headsets get involved.

With some programs, if your CRM graph tells you to call a certain portion of your Customers for this specific promotion, it can now generate a list of these exact Customers, and you can actually call your Customers through right from your CRM dashboard.

If a Customer tells you their CRM isn’t working with their headset, this means they’re using it for computer calls and you should treat it just like a softphone.

• Check to make sure their headset is set up properly in their computer’s sound settings.

• Check to make sure they are on computer mode on their headset base.

• Check in the CRM’s sound settings (look for options/settings/tool/preferences) and see if the sound settings point to the headset as the microphone and as the headphone.

Doing the same basic troubleshooting as you would on a softphone will usually solve CRM headset issues.

And if it doesn’t, get your Customer over to Product Support!

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