What is a USB-C Connection?

Apple has done it again. They now feature a connection called USB-C that is a plug-in smaller than a regular USB connection.

Why did they do this?

To make laptops and devices thinner. Before USB-C, you could only go as thin as a USB plug-in. Now, you can go super-duper thin!

Do we have USB-C Headsets?

Not at this time... BUT! (see below)

Are there converters?

Yes! Apple offers a crackerjack converter cable for all your USB needs:


(remember to hit the Clear Caps button to make this link lowercase so it works properly!)

We don’t sell this, but any male USB-C to female USB adapter should work for our USB headsets.

See photo 1 for a picture of a USB end vs a USB-C end.

See photo 2 for a picture of Apple’s adapter cable.

Rock on, Apple People. Rock on.