What is Always Audio in Sennheiser Wireless Headsets?*




We can think of Always Audio as a corded headset.

This means when the headset has this feature enabled, the headset will remained turned on (blue diamond) while on the computer side at all times. We will not be able to get the blue diamond to turn off unless we switch it back to phone mode.

When you click the ON/OFF button again after finishing your desk phone call, the base will switch to computer mode and the blue diamond will come on automatically.

To place or make an outgoing call, you must press the Phone Mode button on your headset base station then dial the number.

How to active Always Audio:

1. Remove headset from base.

2. Hold down the dimple reset button with a pen on the back of the cube for a few seconds, you will either see a fast blue blink or a fast red blink on the front of the cube (release when you see the blinking).

3. A fast blue blink means always audio is enabled, and your base will default to the PC mode. To deactivate always audio, just let go and then hold the reset button down again until you see the red blink (release after red blink). The red blink means the base will default to phone mode.

4. Switch over to the phone function by pressing on the right side of the front of the cube, and that should give you a solid blue light in the center of the cube.

5. Once the blue light shows in the center of the cube you may now switch over to the PC function by pressing on the front left side of the cube. Now the blue light in the center will stay on whenever audio is playing, the connection will remain constant during PC use.

OR you can active it using EPOS Connect. Give us a call so we can help you download and install it