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What is EPOS Connect?

**This is a fairly advanced method, so please reach out to us at (800) 923-0018 if you would like help. It is not recommended to update firmware unless necessary**

What is EPOS Connect? A Sennheiser program that is very useful to those who would like to update the firmware, change the settings on their headset base, the way their headset interacts with their softphone.

It is also 2 programs merged into one: Sennheiser updater & Headsetup (old Sennheiser programs)

This program has a Windows version as well as a Mac version!

When would we download it?

- To update the firmware on the headset

- To enable remote answering with a compatible softphones

- If you have Skype for Business (or Microsoft Lync) and the headset turns off randomly on computer mode

- To turn on always audio (if one of the headset bases is not working)

- To change the dipswitch settings (If you keep the USB plugged in, the settings in EPOS Connect will override the dipswitches settings on the base)

How to download EPOS Connect:

1) Connect USB to headset base and computer

2) Go to Here is where you can download the version for Windows computers (you will now see a woman in a jacket)

A) If you use a Mac computer, check out this link!

3)scroll to “Download EPOS Connect software” section.

4) Select “EPOSConnect_4.2.0.974.exe” (is subject to change. The important thing is that you download the file ending in ".exe"

5) The program will now download in the bottom left hand corner of your screen

6) Once it is done downloading hit “Run” or double click on it

7) You will now be taken through the “Installing shield wizard” process (select language, accept terms, etc)

8) Toward the end you will see a “Would you like to create a desktop short cut”, please hit “yes”

9) Go to your home screen and locate the “EPOS Connect” icon and double click to open

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