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What is Multi Connectivity?

Sennheiser Bluetooth headset UC variants are designed for multi connectivity, allowing users to switch seamlessly between softphone and mobile calls while enjoying the freedom of mobile wireless connectivity.

Multi Connectivity is a feature found in these Bluetooth headsets:

Great, but how do you use it?

The headset can save the connection profiles of up to eight Bluetooth devices with which it has been paired. After being switched on, the headset automatically tries to connect to the two last connected Bluetooth devices. You can only connect a third Bluetooth device after having switched off the first or second Bluetooth device.

If you pair the headset with a ninth device, the saved connection profile of the least used Bluetooth will be overwritten. If you want to re-establish a connection with this Bluetooth device, you have to pair it with the headset again.

When you receive a call, the headset announces which of the connected Bluetooth device is ringing:

  • Connected mobile phones: “phone one” or “phone two” or
  • Bluetooth dongles connected to the PC: “Dongle”

You then hear a ring tone in the headset. Press and release the Multifunction Button (MFB) to accept a call. If you need to place a current call on hold before taking the second call, press and hold the MFB for 2 seconds, and then press again to answer a second call.

In the case of cell phone vs computer:

  • The cell phone’s Bluetooth usually trumps the computer’s. So, you can use your phone to answer an incoming call if you’re already using the headset with your computer.
  • To do this, simply answer the phone call. However, you’d have to pause and restart your YouTube video manually or explain to your Skype date that they’ll need to hold for just a moment while your headset switches over to the cell phone.
  • Softphones don’t usually have the same call control with Bluetooth devices that cell phones have! The headset may not ring in your ear to let you know that Skype is ringing unless you have an ML headset and Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business!

Here is the link to the User Guide, which is pretty helpful!

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