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What is on-hook dialing? Which phones can a Customer use it with? Auto-Answer vs. On-hook dialing

Auto Answer: If a Customer can just pick up the receiver on their phone without having to press a line button on their phone they have Auto Answer.

On-Hook Dialing: If a Customer has to press a line button on their phone after picking up the phone receiver then they have On-hook dialing.

On-hook dialing allows you to use a headset to dial and answer calls with the handset on the hook / still in its cradle.

When would a Customer want to use On hook dialing?

When they don’t want to have to lift the handset receiver each time they want to make or answer a call and hang the receiver up to end a call. Phones that don’t have a headset jack will have to do this unless we have the On hook dialing codes (see which phones we have below).

When would a Customer not want to use On hook dialing?

A Customer would not want to use on hook dialing when they want to use a lifter. They do not want to have their phone programmed for On hook dialing if they want to answer calls remotely, they will want Auto Answer.

What phone models can be programmed for On-Hook Dialing? In general most office phones that have a headset jack can be programmed for On-Hook Dialing. In most cases whoever services their phone is who they need to speak with about this. There are a few exceptions where the customer can change this by looking in their user manual.

Here is a short list of the phones we know can be programmed


• Executone:

• Fujitsu:

• Inter-Tel:

• Nitsuko

• Nortel Venture

• Panasonic:

• Samsung:

• Sprint Protégé:

• Tone Commander

• Norstar Meridian


• Cisco 7940-7960

• Avaya (our system)

• Toshiba w/ a headset jack (or Toshiba HHEU /BHEU adapter that plugs into phone and adds a headset jack – from Toshiba)

• Partner (only w/ Marathon, CT14 or T10).

• Mitel

• Any phone w/ a 2.5 mm headset jack

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