What is the Calisto 620?

The Calisto 620 (DISCONTINUED!) is a Bluetooth Speakerphone for use with computers and Bluetooth headsets!

The base operates as a speaker as well as a microphone.

To start:

1) Charge the unit:

- With the USB only it will take 2.5hrs (USB only operates as charger)

- With the wall charger it will take 1.5 hrs

2) Connect to PC:

- Connect the Bluetooth USB adapter into the computer (preferably NOT a docking station or hub)

- Slide the power switch (located above Plantronics) to the on position

- The LED on the USB adapter will flash and turn solid blue

- Download the Plantronics Enterprise software @ http://plantronics.com/software

- Change the computer microphone and speaker to the Plantronics BT300C

3) Connect to Mobile Phone:

- Place the speaker into pairing mode

- Press and hold the power button to the left (toward the Bluetooth symbol) until the light to the left of

“Plantronics” flashes red and blue

- Place your mobile phone into search mode, Calisto 620 will pop up

- If it asks for a passcode, enter 0000

*Calisto 620 is compatible with Microsoft Lync when the Plantronics Spokes Plantronics Hub (Windows/Mac)

is downloaded (Spokes is like Headsetup, but with more features)