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What is the Clarity HA-40 (HA40) Handset/Headset Amplifier?

The Ameriphone HA-40 is a handset/headset amplifier made by Clarity. It will dramatically increase the way listeners can hear their callers. The HA-40 requires a 9-volt battery (included in the package). The amplifier will turn on automatically when the receiver is lifted or the headset is activated. It has a voice detection sensor allowing for automatic powering on/off control. Basically, if the line remains silent for 10-15 seconds the amplifier will fade out into standby mode to conserve the battery life. As soon as any voice or noise is detected the amplifier will turn on again.

NOTE: This product is extremely sensitive. When installing, begin with the volume lowered to zero and carefully adjust to the preferred volume.

Feature Identification:

The volume switch (A) will increase the volume 100 times, up to 40 decibels. The Boost button (B) will mute your microphone while boosting the listening volume for extra loud and clear conversations. To use the Boost feature press and hold down this button while the other party is speaking and then release when you wish to speak. The Tone selector (C) allows for maximum speech clarity.

Basic setups:

Connect the HA -40 (using the cord that came with it) to the handset jack of your telephone, then connect your handset receiver’s curly cord to the front of the HA-40


Connect the HA-40(using the cord that came with it) into the handset jack or headset jack of your telephone, then connect your headset system into the front of the HA-40.

NOTE: The Sennheiser OfficeRunner, Plantronics T10/T20 or Executive Pro Chattaway are not recommended. Direct connect corded headsets are also not recommended.

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