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What is the Light on the LH260 and LH265 for?

Well, it sure looks like an on/off button, but it’s not.

LH260/265 Discontinued

This headset will light up whenever it is plugged into a USB port. So, while this light isn’t an on/off button and it doesn’t answer calls what it CAN do is light up to let people know you’re using the headset!

If you have this bad boy on and it’s plugged in, it’ll glow automatically to let folks know


Call Control will not be available with this headset, but it does come with volume control, mute, and a nifty built-in busy light.

If you have Skype for Business and they ARE looking for call control, check out the LH250 and LH255. Those nifty headsets have a telephone icon button on the cord that answers Skype for Business calls. NEAT, RIGHT?!

Shine on you crazy headset!

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