What Kind of Battery Does a CS50/55 Take? How to Perform a reset


A 3.75 Volt Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. It’s catalog # 2284

The battery is located on the headset itself, on the side that would normally face your cheek.

CS50/55 Battery Reset instructions:

1. Remove the wearing accessory (either ear loop or headband)

2. You’ll see the speaker that the wearing accessory was snapped around - it looks like the top of a saltshaker.

3. Just below the speaker you’ll see the outline of the battery hatch - like a compartment door.

4. On either side of the battery hatch, there is a series of lines. Squeeze firmly on the lines, and raise the compartment door as you’re squeezing. (you do have to squeeze pretty hard)

5. Once the door is off, you’ll see the battery - it can just slide right out.

6. The battery is connected via a white plastic clip junction. The piece coming from the battery itself is a “T” shaped tab that fits into the slot on the larger, “Y” shaped piece coming from the mic itself. Remove the “T” shaped tab without pulling on the wires.

7. Leave battery out for 30 seconds

8. Plug battery back into the headset. Be sure to push the battery further into the headset because sometimes the battery door won’t close because the replacement batteries are thicker than the original.